Dystopian Games

40 Seconds


  • Casual
  • Indie
Did you know that one person commits suicide every 40 seconds worldwide? Suicide is one of the leading causes of death in young people. The suicide rate is higher than all the yearly victims of wars and natural disasters combined. Have you ever felt sad or lonely? You are not alone.

Today, we can easily see how other people are living. Just with one smartphone, we can check out what is going on around the world whenever we want. However, we do not know about the people who commit suicide every 40 seconds world wide. Although suicide is a serious public health problem, it is shocking that most of us know so little about it. Trapped in the world of smartphones, we have lost our faces. Please find a person who will commit suicide before 40 seconds pass!

How to use a controller (HTC Vive): Use Trigger to select menu. Use Touchpad to select a target and jump inside the game.
Choose your language: Select English or Korean (한국어) by using Trigger of your controller.