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Apocalypse Run!


  • RPG
Roguelite - Strategy - RPG

Create a party of four tourists who, after two-weeks in layover hell, find themselves in the now-abandoned Atlanta airport, oblivious that the Apocalypse has overrun America.

After escaping Motorlord Dysentery — the new ruler of the American highways — they'll have to hustle and fight their way past a host of crazy characters on a trail to Portland Oregon, the last free city on Earth.

Those that survive the journey will need to follow geography hints to recruit three brilliant scientists in a mad plan to Reverse the Apocalypse!

...That is if the actual player's old high school rival doesn't have something to say about it.

Create your party of 4 tourists.

Travel the USA from sea to shining sea!... err well, not Florida.

Hustle your rivals!

3 Chapters, each with a different twist.
⯀ Explore randomly generated maps with tons of replayability.
⯀ Customize your party of 4 tourists in outrageous costumes.
Turn-based vehicle combat, like battle-Tetris, with Epic boss battles.
⯀ Face-to-face encounters with branching dialog.
Skill checks based on poker: the harder the task, the better the hand you have to beat.

By the Numbers:
15 Character classes including: Pizza Driver, ER Doctor, and Telemarketer.
37 Vehiclesincluding: Cars, Motorcycles, Spacecraft, and Pirate Ships.
60+ Weapons including: Spud Guns, Flaming Guitars, Ray Guns, and Homing Parrots.
30+ Crafting recipes including: Ray Guns, Veggie Launchers, and Flying Guitars.
50+ Achievements to unlock character classes, weapons, and vehicles.

The Four Factions