Dystopian Games

末世孤镇 Doomsday Lonely town


  • RPG
  • Strategy
  • Casual
  • Indie


In a world where doomsday has come, form your team to resist the attacks of monsters and protect the lonely town behind you in the apocalypse.

Choosing different characters to start the game can obtain different passive effects, Each character has two branch skill choices to assemble his own defense strategy.

Each character has its own shooting range, You can drag and adjust the character's position and assign each character's fire coverage point.

Build turrets for more powerful fire support, each turret has a different effect

Monsters come in waves, and you will face various monsters and bosses. As time goes by, remember to upgrade your characters to show their true strength and hold on until the last moment.

There is a chance that a monster will drop a relic after it dies,Remember to pick it up because it can bring a strengthening effect to the characters on the field. However, the effects of each relic are different, so please choose carefully.

Bonds can bring powerful power. Upgrading characters can not only increase the damage of their skills, but also activate the combo skills brought by the bonds, strengthen the damage of the combo skills and reduce the cooldown time, so as to better fight against monsters.

The task of protecting the lonely city depends on you!

This is the first game I made. First of all, thank you for browsing the introduction of this game. If you are interested in this game, please add it to your wish list. I hope it will bring you fun. It means a lot to me, If any bugs or other suggestions are found during the game, please leave me a message,thank you again.