Dystopian Games

NINE -Errand


  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Indie
"Sadistic Errand Action Game: NINE -Errand-"
The protagonist, Nine, embarks on his first errand at the request of Alice. With his unique ability, Nine can resurrect no matter how many times he dies. Let's keep pushing forward without giving up, even in the face of death. Otherwise, you might incur the wrath of your master, Alice.

This game is a side-scrolling action game with challenging game play. The main character, Nine, may start off weak, but you can strengthen them as you clear stages multiple times. Nine can acquire a total of nine special moves. Utilize these special moves to gain the upper hand in conquering the stages. The game is planned to have several updates, introducing additional stages, new bosses, and adjustments to existing bosses and items.

The controls are as follows:

Left/Right Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Normal Attack
X: Guard
C: Emergency Evasion
Airborne C: Teleport Evasion
Space: Jump (Double jump available)
A: Switch Special Attack to the Left
D: Switch Special Attack to the Right
S: Special Attack

Normal attacks and evasion actions consume SP.
Special Attack consume MP.
SP recovers over time, and MP is restored by hitting enemies with normal attacks.
Additionally, this game is compatible with game pads.
You can customize your key settings to suit your preferences.