Dystopian Games

Up to Gods


  • Adventure
  • Indie

Humans and sins are intertwined. In a world where the gods can no longer turn a blind eye to the sins of humanity, chaos and death reign supreme.
Earthquakes, floods, and more have brought civilization to the brink of collapse, and the human race is facing the threat of extinction.
An ancient cult that knows they are at war with the gods has been waiting for this day.
The most respected and knowledgeable member of the cult explains the situation to a young man.
The young man is the sole and ultimate envoy of humanity. He is the embodiment of humanity's determination, greed, and desire.
The young man will struggle with determination on the path prepared by the gods to meet them and save the future of humanity.


Feel the intensity of progressing on this challenging path adorned with various sins. Never bow down to the gods.
Fight to the end and fulfill the envoy's mission by jumping, climbing, sliding, and clinging along this path to heaven.
Overcome obstacles in areas adorned with themes ranging from an ancient Middle Eastern city to modern times and more.
Remember, you are humanity's only chance and ultimate salvation.